Counseling and Psychotherapy


Welcome to Dr Lisa Brinkmann‘s information page.¬†

Dr. Lisa Brinkmann is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She specializes in relationship and sex and gender-related issues. Dr. Brinkmann works from Clonakilty Natural Therapies in Co Cork, Ireland. 

Most of us will suffer from psychological or emotional distress at some point in our lives. This can be due to traumatic life experiences, struggles with the challenges of everyday life, bereavement, stress…

Sometimes the support from family, friends or the community can help to come to terms with these difficult situations. At other times professional help in the form of counseling and psychotherapy is needed to clarify and overcome these feelings and difficulties. Talking about psychological or mental health problems is not always easy and often people are reluctant to admit to others that they are experiencing difficulties. This may be especially true when the problems are related to the areas of intimacy, sexuality or gender.

As a result, many people often suffer silently and keep their problems to themselves for weeks, months or even years. Over time, their distress may worsen and affect other aspects of their lives as well (relationships, family life, work), forming a vicious cycle of taboo, shame and unhappiness.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy can break this vicious cycle and can help to find solutions or better ways of coping. It provides a safe space where feelings can be expressed and experienced in a non-judgemental way.