Confidential counselling and psychotherapy is offered to adolescents, adults, couples and parents of children with psychological problems such as:

​- Anxiety

- Depression

- Burn Out

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Psychosis / Bipolar Disorder

- Everyday life struggles

- Postnatal Depression

- Eating Disorders

- Relationship problems

​Further, Dr. Lisa Brinkmann is especially trained and experienced in dealing with sex and gender related problems and concerns, such as:

​- Sexual Traumatisation

- Sexual problems and dysfunctions

- Problems regarding sexual orientation

- Problems regarding gender identity

- Intersexuality

- Transsexuality / Transgender issues

​As such kind of problems do not only affect the individual, but often also the spouse, partner, parents or other members of the family, contacts can take place in a one to one setting, but family, couple and partner contacts can also be arranged.

​Further, Lisa offers counselling to parents of young children with any kind of emotional or psychological problem.